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browns.the plays that had fans on edge right to the very end..-& 3& and... the medical excuse your kids might be ablee &pto use... to ggt out of math class. 3 3 3 3 monday, november 5th. 3
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3 3 3 3
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3 police are stepping up patrols in ells poinn this mooning... after a woman was attacked and - sexxally aasaulted in the ssreet. street.megan gilliland is live &pin fells point residents nd - visitoos there. 3 -3 3 visiiors therr.residents and with a warning o live in fells point with a warning to & resiients and visitors there. good morning guysaround this time of orning... you see a lot of people out here jogging... and walking their dogs.on friday... sometime &pbetween 5 am and 7 am... a 20-
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year ll wommn was out for a run... when she was attacked - by a maskeddman right in the strret. street.police say he was armed with knife and pulled her into a dark area of fells point where he sexually assaulted her.the exact location of tte attack is unclear right now. of the attacker... police are 3 to be on the lookout aad to report any suspiiious ctivity. 3 again... the attacker ii still oo the in fells point, i'm meean gilllland, fox45 morning neww. 3 pooice are investigating sevvn & shhotinns after a violent weekend in baltimore. baltimore.this was the scene of one of the rimes hat left 3 baltimore home saturday afternoon. aa29-year-old maa was hottseveral times near linworth avenueeand the alaaeda. he was pronounced dead at the scene. hhmicidd deteetives are skinn anyone with information to come forward. & 3 police areeiivestigating six other shootingg frommthis wekeend can ee them scattereedacross the city on this map.police say another
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person died in aaseparate shhotings on saturday... and three people were wounded pwthin minutes of each otherr sunday orning.there were two other shootings as well on sunddyy a baltimore woman is facing charges this orning... &&paccused of a hit and run in brooklyn parr. park.police say robin sears -3 hit ichael diegel thursday... as he walked along ritchie highway.investigators say her van has damage consistent with - the hit and run.diegel is in critical cooddtion at shock trauma. 3 super storm sandy hit maryland a week ago... but many people lliinn in the western part of the ssate... are stiil in ccean-up mode. mode.about 95-percent of statt anddcounty roads n garrett 3 last niiht... moreethan fivv- thousand peoppe were still without power.members of the - maayland army national guard led search and rescue -3 operations ooer the weekend... - helppng with stranded cars and ccordinating recovery effoott. more than 0-inchhs offsnoo
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ffll in parts of garrett county during the storm.. 3 25 maryland state ttoopers are -3 in new jersey to help with the &precovery fforts..the group left yesterday from the j-f-k &phighway barrack in & perryville... headed for fort dix, new jerree.the troopers who volunteered for the assignment... havv expertise in areas that include canine tracking, search and rescue, underwater recooery and marine operrtions. 3 president obama is helping with the gassssortaae in new pork nd new jeesey.he's ordered tth purchase of up to 12-million gallons of unleaded gallons of diessl to get it to the reeion quicker.llnes snaked for blocks on friday as people waited to fill theii - cars and gaa cans for ggnerators to provide pooer. triple-a says more than half of the gas stations in new jerseyyand on new york's long island werennt operational. -3 3 beer company anheuserrbussc is lending a helping hand to - hurricane andy victtms, here & on the east coasttnormally, these are cans full of beer but not now. they are full of
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& emergency driiking water disaster areas.the federal water cans...anheuser busch donates ttem...for free...somethinggthe ompany ssys its beenndoong for ore &p3 weehave a long history of supporting relief efforts, disaster, and emergency water is ssmething our companyyis uniquely positioned to do. do.switching ovee from beer to hours to do ii once they got the call. company ooficials estimmtt theyyll produce nd ship aboot 44-thousand cases of drinkinggwater. that means well over a illion cans of new jersey ann new yorkk 3 33 the race for the white house is nearing the finish andrew spencer explains... president obama and republican candidate mitt romney are mmking heir final appeal o voters before they head to the pools..-- polls. --reporter pkg-as follows -- baracc obama anddmitt romney will make the most of their
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trail... hopscotching through key bbttleground states making their pitch to voters.obama -3 wwll stop in wisconsin, iowa, chicago for election night. rommey will be in floridaa virginia aad new hampshire -- & boston. their running mates wiil also be making the rounds. vice prrsident joe biden has stoos planned in sterling and & richmond, virginia.paul ryan &pwiil visit nevada, colorado, iowa and ohio.during a top in hollywwod, florida suuday obama urged the crowd to stick with him for four morr years.. you've got a choice to maae. pi's not just a choice between two paaties orrcandidates, it's a choice between two visiinn of america. n the one hand you can choose to return to the top down policies that crashee ouu economy, or you can join me in building a fuuure thattfoccses - on a trong ann growing middle class. (applause).at a rally in clevellnd sunday, romney
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said it's time for a change. all he ds and alllthe 3 record. because you see, talkk is cheep. but aarecood, it's real, and it's earned with real effort. change is not meesured in words annd speeches. change is measured in achievements. o, let's look at that record.a c-n-n / o-r-c- internnttonal poll shows the race at a dead heat. 49-percent of likely voterss say they support the president and the same number say they back the former governor of & massachusetts. i'm andrew spencer eporting. president bama s adding some hhge celebrities to his & campaigning. music legend bruce springsteen will perform wwsconsin ohho and iowa poday. rapperrjay-z will perform attthe hio ssop. 3 expected to join her usbann
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at his last stop n des moines. 3 several hot button ssues are up for a voteetomorroo.if youu have questions regarding the maryland referendums... fox45 will air a vote 2012 special tonight at in-depth exppanaaions of the dream act preferendum... he same-sex marriage referendum... and tte peferendum to expand gamblingg in maryland.that's tonight at 11... right here on ffx 45. 3 p3 the ravens are back in he win column!! ... but barely beating the browns is not the & comeback most fansswerr lookkng for. ffr. but the ravens are used to doing tww things... winninn ugly-- and beating cleveland. letts gootoo leveland browns stadium, where it looked like this would be an easy oneeat irst. &pfirst.the ravens start quickly...rookie bernard pierce with his first tt d run ...a 12 yard run the ravens -3 lead 14-0...but the offense &pthen goes into hiiernation,
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the browns get bacckin the game..this phil dawson field pgoal, his fifth of the game, & gives the browns a onee oint - lead in the fourth quarter... but joe fllaco brings the ravens backk a 19 yard catch and run by torrey smith forrthe go ahead touchdown.. they add a justin tucker field goal and ttke a hhrd fought 25-15 victory. 3 -3 3 the ravens now hold a one game 33 a-f-c north. 3 ow the ravens miiht be 6-2 - and still in first place... but the way they did it has many fans worried about the future. 3 joel . smith is live in ttwson to gge he pplse of the fans... and that pulseerate
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was getting pretty high there in the fourtt quarter joel d. 3 3 hey guus... this is 3 the official way 3 that head coach john harbaugh says the team layed.... eh eh... most would agree... let's look at why... 3 3 (first td) ray rice... browns field goal 3 6 traight 3 and outs... torrey smith... 3 witt the ravens you get a -3 little bit oo everything.... 3 harbaugh
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-3 3 the ravens next 3 come home to take 3 on tte raiders... come home to take on the raiders... thhn in 2 weeks itssa showdown with pittsburgh. 3 live n towson, joel d. smith, fox 45 3 morning nnwss 3
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3 coming up on the early edition... taaes... on track & po skyrocket in 2013. 2013.tte doomsday scenario americans coulddbe faced with... unless congress takes -3 actiin. 3 3 ((break 1))
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3 3 ((ad ib meteorooogist)))-&p3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) ((ttaafic reporter
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3 addlibs))map 40 liberty shawan &pmap -&p3 3 3 3
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3&pstill to come... goinn barefoot... to improve peeformance. performance.the arell-there leg up... nd the right way to &pbrrak them inn 3 31-million american families... could soon be 3 mmjor deductions that may be -3 wiped out. 3 ((break 2))
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33 when you file your income tax returns in 2013 for this year... you may be hit by some major taa can thank what's bbcome knnww as 'taxmageddon' for that..... a -3 doomsday tax sceeario.jeff &pbbrnd tells us how increases &pwill affect everyone in the country in some way. way. 3 ii congress doesn't taae action,,you'll bb hit hard with a newwreelity for the 'alternative minnmum tax' when you file your 2012 returns. that tax was designed tt make suue taxpayers ppy at least a minimum.riggt now, the 'a-m-t' affects n estimated ffur miilion families.if connress doeen't take actton, 31- - million familiee will pay much 3 alternaaive minimum tax.--thht taxxdeduction you take for
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education tuition and feee will also go awwy.... and teachers wiil no longer be expenses.--businesses will be hit hard as well.startinn in 2013, business owners will not be allowed to deduct hhlf of expeeses ffr equipmmnt. expenses wwll have to be depreciated ovvr many years now..-and bad news or --3 retirees who contribute to charities irectly from i-r-as. taxmageddon will meann no more breaks oo usinn that charitable donation as part f your equired minimum &distribution. 3 tooight... we'll break down taxmageddon by the amount of your paycheck. 3 causing medical probbems. problems.the anxiety issuus maay people experience... that could lead to physiial pain. 3 ((break 3)) as a pastor, on 6 is rooted in my belief that the government should treat everyone equally. i would not want someone denying my rights based upon their religious views, therefore i should not deny others based upon mine.
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it's about fairness. this law does not force any church to perform a same sex marriage if it's against their beliefs. and that's what this is about. protecting religious freedom and protecting all marylanders equally under the law. join me in voting for question 6.
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3 33 you have probably seen them at the gym or around town...
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those form--itting shoes that leave the weerer feeling almost bareffot. they seem to be gaining popularity. but susan hendricks eports on if.. .ttey are a good idea.&pidda. 3 --reporter pkg-as folllws -- hay wan chiu is an avid of shoes, althouuh he ppefers to run barefoot. but that can be tough on the toes, so when the new barefoot running shoes came out he'd thought he'd ggve them a try. "it feels like you're running on air like everyyody says. and also you've got to be reallyy - careful not to overdo it." five toes and very littll sole, protect a foot ann help runners perform mmre efficiently? that's what the folks attthis podiatry laboratory at emple & university were asking. so they teeted the shoe to see if it gave enough support and ppotection. "it createe moree flexibiiity, better balance, morr agility, better toe strength. i think it's all around a good thing for ffet." but whethhrryou're an experienced runner or a novice you have to slowly transition
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&pwhitney. "people get inno trouble when they run too far, too fass oo the wronn surffce." and softer surfaces are beterr than asphalt r concrete. but theee minimalist shoes -3 aren't for eeeryone. those with any typp of foot or ankle pain or injury should talk to tteir doctor first. but for runners like chiu they seem to be a pleaaant alternative today's health minutt i'm sussn hendriccs.-----end----- cnn.script----- & 3 pant an excuse to ever do math again?here ittis!a new study suggests the anxiety caused by even the common math problems could cause physical pain.researchers at the universityyof chicagoofound people solving tough equutions & howed the same brain activity 3&ppainnthe activity wass ven greater for those subjects who admmt to having a fear of mathh 3 coming up... getting ready... for a rough commute. commute.the traffic jams - expected in ew yorr ttday... in the wake of super storm & sandy.
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3 the last day to win votes.... what the campaigns are 3 3 3 it's our fox45 "thanks giveaway!""- giveaway!"we're givvig away 100 dollar viss giftcards every hour, eveeyday on fox45 morning

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